FSC Certification in India

India is a developing economy, with SMEs forming a backbone of exports to countries across the globe. Requirement of FSC Certification had left Indian exporters with thinning exports, but eventually with large companies in pulp & paper industry in India and plywood companies paving the way, SMEs in India are opening up to the idea of getting FSC certified.

As India’s exports increases, demand for FSC certified hang tags, packaging material like corrugated boxes and paper bags is witnessing a high demand from both exporters and domestic manufacturers.

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Types of FSC Certificates

Type of FSC certificate you can get, depends on the nature of business:

FSC Labels:

Type of label a company can use, depends on its business & raw material:

FSC India

FSC India has done a commendable job in India. With a small start and finding acceptability among few large paper mills and handicraft producers, FSC India has taken big strides by holding stakeholder consultations, national events, and making FSC India a voice to be heard at national level. It has gained prominence in Forestry Standard development process as well, by developing a National Risk Assessment Standard for India.

Challenges & Solutions

FSC Certified Paper & Printers in India – While there are abundant paper manufacturing companies, who have got themselves as FSC certified, FSC certified paper traders are handful. We have been playing an instrumental role in educating paper traders to get FSC certified, but it looks like a long road ahead. We have been helping companies find FSC certified paper dealers and distributors, to complete the FSC chain of custody.

FSC Certified Wood & Plywood in India – A similar story prevails in the timber sector, where supply of FSC certified wood remains challenge, as the area of forest certified under FSC FM (Forest Management) is very thin. While most of the manufacturers depend on imported timber, the demand for FSC certified timber is on the rise and remains unfulfilled.

Companies considering to get FSC Certified

As a company receiving FSC order, you may have several questions, like if my supplier is certified do I still need to get FSC certification for my company, how do I get FSC certified, how much does it cost to get FSC certified and more. We have compiled answers to the frequently asked questions, and have provide them for your understanding.

My supplier is FSC certified, do I still need to get FSC certification for my company?

YES. You need to have your own certificate to sell the products as FSC certified, even if you buy certified raw material.

How do I get FSC certified?

Steps to get FSC Certificate for your company have been elaborated under FSC Chain of Custody. Once the FSC Certification Bodies in India will conduct an audit, on successful completion of the audit, FSC certificate is issued to you.

How much does FSC Certification Cost?

FSC Certification Cost has been covered in the FAQ section.

How do I source certified raw material for production?

To produce certified products, you need to source certified raw material, which maybe available domestically, or may require import from certified suppliers from country other than yours. A certified company is required to know how to source certified material as part of the FSC procedure.


Along with the sourcing of material, buyers of FSC certified products has seen a slow growth.


Understanding of FSC process and proper implementation, will lead to growth in FSC buyer’s confidence.
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