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What is the difference between FSC and PEFC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council whereas PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

While FSC Standards are much more uniform globally, PEFC Standards are regional oriented in nature.

While FSC Standards and PEFC standards differ in terms of stakeholder and consultation process as well.

Moreover, both FSC website and PEFC website provide the details of Principal and Criteria they follow.

How much does a PEFC and FSC chain of custody certification cost?

FSC certification cost is very subjective, as the cost usually depends on various factors, like

  • the scale and complexity of your operations,
  • number of sites covered,
  • whether you are applying for certification individually or in group,
  • your position in the value chain etc.

Though with help of some details from you, a rough estimate of FSC chain of custody certification cost can be estimated and shared. If you are keen to know the cost of FSC Certification for your company, contact us.

What is PEFC and FSC certification process like?

FSC certification process entails:

  1. Getting audited by a FSC certification body, against the requirements applicable to you.
  2. Addressing the issues raised by the FSC auditors, within the stipulated time period.
  3. Getting certified.

As easy as it sounds, there are lot of sub steps involved. Our team of experts can help you with understanding the requirements of the standards and explain the FSC certification process.

How to find PEFC & FSC certification bodies?

To find FSC certification bodies near you or in your country, write or speak to us!

Where to look for PEFC & FSC certification consultants?

You have decided to go ahead and get your company FSC certified. You are not confident if, you will be able to meet the requirements, or if your processes are in line or not. If you are looking for professional help, in terms of FSC consultants, who can help you get PEFC & FSC certified.

Find FSC consultants near you for FSC – India, Malaysia, America, United Arab Emirates and loads of other countries. Write to us, to find out how we can help you, or contact us!

How to find PEFC & FSC certified companies?

There are different purpose, for which you might be looking for a PEFC or FSC certified companies.

Category 1: End Consumer of FSC products

Ideally, an end consumer, looking for “FSC certified companies near me”.

Well, you could get to see FSC certified products everywhere near you, the products may or may not carry FSC label, but still could be certified.

Category 2: Business Buyer

Ideally, a bulk consumer, looking for “FSC certified companies in my country”.

You are the sourcing manager of a company like Ikea, and looking for FSC certified suppliers for Ikea. You maybe looking for everything FSC Certified, from FSC Certified furniture to FSC Certified packaging material and stationary.

Category 3: Raw Material Buyer

Ideally, a vendor to a retailer or end supplier, looking for “list of FSC certified companies”.

You have just become a vendor to a large retailer, or are anticipating to become a vendor soon. You wish to source raw material, to manufacture FSC Certified products for your client.

Well, irrespective of which category you fall in, we can provide you professional help immediately in the shortest time possible. But it does take some time to check FSC certificate!

Speak to us and find out, how soon we can help you meet your requirements.

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