First Draft of the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure Open for Consultation

The first draft of the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure (FSC-PRO-01-007 V1-0 D1-0) will be available for a public consultation from 1 April to 31 May 2020 and will be accessible here.

The objective of the public consultation is to collect feedback on several fundamental procedure requirements. FSC encourages all interested stakeholders to participate and provide their input during this period. Such input is critical to further develop the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure, which will help solving damages caused by conversion from natural forests into plantations.

The feedback from the first consultation will be discussed and – if needed – incorporated into the second draft procedure. The consultation on the second draft FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure is planned for September and October 2020. Read more…

Source: FSC International News, March 31, 2020