FSC & PEFC Certified Paper

Paper & Pulp are usually produced from trees. Paper manufacturing companies usually use soft wood species for paper manufacturing. Companies usually own and manage these plantations. It is always in their best interest to manage the plantations sustainably.

Depending on the configuration of the paper manufacturing plant, like:

  • Integrated paper
  • Waste based paper mill
  • Kraft paper mill

a paper manufacturing company may have to opt for FSC 100%, FSC Mixed, FSC Recycled. Similar to FSC the company could also choose to opt for certification like PEFC CoC. Certifications could ensure traceability of the entire chain, from raw material sourcing to paper reaching the end consumer.

The current paper requirement is being met by recycled paper, paper from virgin wood and agro residue respectively. Sustainable forest management practices will not only help the paper industry to engage in sustainable practices, but also help the paper industry with, an assured supply of raw material for future generations.

The D2C businesses have brought sudden increase in FSC certified packaging industry, and there is a growing demand for FSC certified corrugated boxes and FSC certified kraft paper bags. Companies dealing in these industries may or may not have their own printing, but it’s possible for these companies to get certified even if their printing is outsourced. Find out how.

FSC Certified Paper Sourcing

Leading companies have changed their sourcing policies and have been using FSC & PEFC certified paper, for various uses like packaging, stationery etc.

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