What is FSC Certified Viscose

FSC Certified Viscose

As global fashion brands join the sustainability chorus and increasingly attempt to source their material from sustainable sources, demand for FSC certified viscose has been witnessing a surge across the globe. We explain more about FSC Certified Viscose and how companies can source certified viscose.

What is FSC Certified Viscose?

Viscose is a type of rayon fiber that is made from natural sources such as wood and agricultural products that are regenerated as cellulose fiber.

Man-made cellulosic fibers such as Lyocell (Tencel) and Modal also come from forests.

FSC Certified Viscose will be from sources, which are produced from sustainably managed plantations. Ideally, the yarn will be produced from sources, which are managed sustainably.

Why FSC Certified Viscose Fabric?

Garment manufacturers are moving to sustainable material, FSC certification of the raw material helps in ensuring that the plantations will be managed as per the principles and criteria laid down by FSC.

Many companies have set their goals to switch to sustainable sources, requiring their suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh to get FSC certified.

How to get FSC Certification?

During our interactions with manufacturers, traders and garments producers, we often came across questions like “Do we need to get FSC Certified if our supplier is already certified?”, “I am a trader, why does a viscose fabric or grey cloth trader need FSC Certification?” – well, simply put, everyone in the value chain, from a yarn manufacturer, viscose fabric manufacturer, trader, the garment manufacturer all need to be FSC certified.

Do write to us for any queries on the process of getting FSC certified to FSC Certification cost from the FSC certification providers. Contact us to know all about FSC Certification and to find out about FSC Certified Viscose garment producers, manufacturers and traders.