World’s largest boreal forest fsc-certified

The world’s largest fsc-certified forest welcomes the world’s largest boreal forest protected network to the neighbourhood

FSC and Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. (Al-Pac) are pleased to welcome the creation and expansion of five wildland provincial parks in Alberta, a western province of Canada. This is the largest addition to the Alberta system of provincial parks in its history, creating the largest contiguous protected boreal forest in the world.

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of quality kraft pulp located in Boyle, Alberta. The company currently manages the world’s largest contiguous FSC-certified forest at 5.9 million hectares, which now borders with the new 6.7-million-hectare protected network. Jointly these two land bases boast an impressive 12.6 million hectares of socially and environmentally responsible forest operations and management. Read more…

Tuesday, 28 August 2018