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FSC & PEFC Certification China

Forest certification, also known as sustainable forest management certification, serves as a market-driven tool to encourage sustainable forestry practices. It encompasses forest management certification and chain of custody certification, ensuring adherence to defined principles, standards, and procedures across the wood processing chain. Independent third-party oversight ensures the credibility and transparency of the certification process.

Current Initiatives in China:

China’s forest certification initiatives span various categories including forest management, chain of custody, non-timber forest products, bamboo forests, ecological services, rare and endangered species, carbon sequestration, and forest fire prevention. These efforts engage environmentally conscious individuals and forest advocates in promoting sustainable development principles and reaping the benefits of certification.

Standardization Efforts:

China’s forest certification system aligns with international standards, particularly through mutual recognition with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) system. By incorporating PEFC’s production and marketing chain of custody certification standards, China aims to enhance international recognition and credibility. The updated certification requirements reflect structural and content improvements, ensuring robust regulation of forest management activities and facilitating market access for Chinese forest products.

Role of China Forest Certification Council (CFCC):

CFCC, comprising government representatives, research institutions, universities, manufacturers, and social organizations, serves as the apex body for forest certification in China. Its key responsibilities include drafting, reviewing, and disseminating certification system documents, managing the certification process, resolving disputes, promoting the system, and engaging in international cooperation on behalf of China’s forest certification endeavors.

Forestry Resources:

Find more about local forestry regulations and resources on forestry here.


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