FSC & PEFC Certified Printer & Publisher

Sustainable forest management has become a global issue with consumers demanding paper and paper products that are produced from raw material sourced from sustainably managed forests. Environmental concerns, especially those of illegal and indiscriminate logging, have been translated by forest certification into market signals that affect the printers, publishers and label manufacturers.

Large corporate houses have realized the importance of sustainability and sustainable products. As a part of their sustainable procurement policy, they have been the driving force behind the procuring FSC Certified paper and PEFC Certified paper for their business needs like Products, Books, Packing Material to the extent that companies have started printing their Annual Reports on FSC & PEFC Certified paper. Read more…


FSC Certification for Printers

FSC certified printers have a challenging task as they are in the middle of a supply chain and deal with different variety of raw materials. FSC Certification for printers

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