Why become a FSC Certified Printer?

1.  Do you as a printer have the ability to add an FSC logo to your print job if requested by a customer?

2.  Companies are adopting sustainability as a way to do business, and are increasingly focusing on all aspects of business – special which is visible to a customer – packaging, labels, bag, bills, brochures, pamphlets and more.

3.  Looking to do business globally?

When a company engaged in printing of a report or brochure wishes to demonstrate its commitment to forest sustainability by using certified paper, it can request that the printer add a certification label to a prominent page. To be able to do so, as trademarks are strictly enforced, the printer must not only correctly source the paper, but must have CoC certification to demonstrate that appropriate control systems are in place. The FSC owns the trademarks to the initials ‘FSC’, to the words ‘Forestry Stewardship Council’, and the FSC logo.

FSC Printed Tags & Labels

You are a label printer producing eco friendly labels, eco friendly stickers, green labels, environmentally friendly labels supplying it to UK, Germany, United States of America, Singapore from countries like China, Bangladesh, India – Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification will help you get the recognition of manufacturing your label products with the most stringent forest management practices of the world.

Printers across various countries have got themselves certified for PEFC and FSC, as demand for FSC certified printed material and PEFC certified printed products has found demand all across corporate sector and otherwise as well.

FSC Printed Paper Bags & Packaging

As growing number of retail chains, garment manufacturers, QSRs, FMCG companies adopt sustainability goals, and compete to become more sustainable, they increasingly wish to procure material from sustainable sources.

So whether it is opting to source FSC & PEFC certified material for their packaging needs or sourcing FSC Certified bags, the need for FSC certified material has certainly increased over past few years.

We can also help companies with sourcing of FSC certified bags and packaging material, and in conducting third party verification of your supplier.

What are the different types of FSC Certifications available?

The business owners depending on their operations and product can avail certifications to establish stewardship. The FSC provides certificates like: Forest Management (FM), Chain of Custody (CoC)Control Wood (CW)

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FSC Forest Management certification is for forest and plantation owners willing to adopt a sustainable forest management system. Read more about FSC FM.

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FSC Chain of Custody is for all business owners producing goods from timber as their raw material directly or indirectly. Read more about FSC CoC

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FSC Controlled Wood can be availed by manufacturers producing products made of timber from mixed sources – FSC certified and Controlled Wood.