FSC & PEFC Certified Plywood & Veneer

Plywood manufactured from sustainably managed forests and satisfying the requirements of FSC Principles and Criteria qualify to get FSC label. Similarly, plywood manufacturers complying with the PEFC Principles and Criteria qualify for PEFC CoC Certification.

FSC Certified Plywood in Green Building

Green Buildings look for FSC Certified products like FSC Certified Plywood, FSC Certified Door & Window Frames. A green building using FSC Certified material (more than 50% by commercial value) becomes eligible to get 1 Credit.

Not only has the Green Building promoted FSC Certification of among plywood manufacturers, export market also plays a crucial role for the business owners to get certified.

Case Study: Finding FSC Certified & PEFC Certified Plywood Suppliers
FSC Certified & PEFC Certified Plywood Suppliers in India

A large number of plywood companies in India, have taken an initiative to get FSC Certified and are front runners when it comes to sustainable raw material sourcing. FSC Certified plywood, helps in building the trust among the consumers, about the forest management practices followed by the raw material suppliers and the forests.

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FSC Certified Laminates, Veneers, Boards, Pre Laminated Boards and MDF

Decorative Laminates also called high pressure laminates (HPL) and Veneers are very much in vogue and used in both commercial and residential establishments. Since these are wood derivatives FSC Certification for Laminates and Veneers, or PEFC Certification for Laminates and Veneers is as relevant and useful as its raw material – timber.

SFI, PEFC, FSC Certified Boards, Block Boards could also fetch value both to the buyers and sellers, any other such certification would equally be relevant for a Laminate, Veneer or Board manufacturing company.

plywood, laminates, veneers, boards, pre laminated boards and MDF

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