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FSC Certified Timber Traders

In timber trade industrial roundwood, sawnwood, plywood and veneer trade will reveal high growth in the trade of the primary and processed wood products. Asia-Pacific exports are composed mainly of plywood and sawnwood, which is driven by Indonesian plywood exports and Malaysian exports of sawnwood and plywood. Latin American exports are majorly led by Brazil, which includes mainly plywood and sawnwood. Africa exports a higher proportion of logs than processed products. Many of these countries have suppliers who have realized the importance of the certification schemes like FSC, whereas lot of these countries have PEFC as a very popular certification scheme.

FSC Certified Paper & Products Traders

From paper pulp, to paper products like tissue paper, packaging paper and various other paper products, there is good amount of import and export of paper products has been happening. With introduction of EUTR and FLEGT, FSC Certified trade figures have shown a consistent upward trend. A FSC Certification for new companies is definitely bound to open up new export opportunities.

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FSC certified timber, paper & viscose trader

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FSC Certified Wood

  • Industrial wood
  • FSC Certified Plywood
  • FSC Certified Veneer
  • FSC Certified Pallets
  • FSC Certified Mango Wood, Teak

FSC Certified Paper

  • FSC Certified Writing Paper
  • FSC Certified Kappa Boards
  • FSC Certified Kraft Paper
  • FSC Certified Art Card
  • FSC Certified Coated Paper

FSC Certified Viscose

  • FSC Certified Viscose Yarn
  • FSC Certified Grey Cloth
  • FSC Certified Viscose Fabric
  • FSC Certified Garments
  • FSC Certified Dyed Fabric