Draft Intact Forest Landscape Indicators for National FSC Standards Released for Public Consultation

Draft of new intact forest landscape indicators open for consultation

The consultation period starts from 3 May until 2 July

The high conservation values technical working group (HCV-TWG) has developed the High Conservation Values (HCV) Manager’s Guide and a set of intact forest landscape (IFL) indicators in response to Motion 65 of the 2014 FSC general assembly.

The Guide clarifies specific requirements for:

  • the identification,
  • management planning,
  • operations,
  • monitoring, and
  • restoration of HCV in FSC-certified forests.

The IFL indicators have been developed for inclusion in FSC’s set of international generic indicators (IGIs). The revised draft of the Guide and the IFL indicators will be released for public consultation from 3 May until 2 July.

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Tuesday, 03 May 2016