FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard for Namibia

First FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard for the Republic of Namibia is Approved

The Forest Stewardship Council is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive standard for responsible forest management in Namibia.

The National Forest Management Standard (NFSS) for the Republic of Namibia is based on Version 5 of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Principles and Criteria (P&C).

The FSC national standard development process for Namibia was initiated in 2017, based on a voluntary, democratic, and participatory model. Six representatives were selected in Namibia to assist with the process of adapting the requirements to the national context along with engaging local stakeholders during the development process. The standard development group was chamber-balanced, with 2 representatives per interest group (social, environmental and economic).

The Standard aims to provide a holistic approach to the responsible management of Namibia’s forest resources whilst conserving and restoring the ecosystem and protecting workers rights. The scope of the FSC standard for the Republic of Namibia includes natural forests (inclusive of bush thickening species) and non-timber forest products such as venison products and Marula fruit. It is applicable to large industrial forest organizations, medium scale farm owners/manager, smallholders and community-managed forests. This standard is not applicable to plantation forests.

“Approximately 700 000 hectares of forest area is currently certified against certification body adapted standards in Namibia. With the approval of the first National Forest Stewardship Standard for Namibia, we anticipate a wider understanding of the FSC system by local stakeholders along with an increase in the implementation of the FSC forest management requirements in 2020 and beyond,” said Ms. Manushka Moodley, the FSC Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa. “FSC Southern Africa will assist existing and potential certificate holders and certification body auditors with understanding the requirements of the Standard via the provision of calibration training on forest management in 2020.”

The standard will be effective from 1 April 2020. Read more…

Source: FSC International News, November 26, 2019