FSC can contribute to solve forestry issues in Ukraine

FSC Ukraine and other Ukrainian organizations jointly organized an international research conference to address challenges faced by the Ukraine forestry sector, and also to explore the opportunity FSC certification represents for the country and the CIS region. The participants also developed a resolution addressed to the Ukrainian government calling for a reform of the national forest sector. The resolution includes the recommendation to use FSC forest management (FM) certification as best practice.

The forest sector in Ukraine is battling a number of serious issues which has already had detrimental consequences for the country’s forests. Climate change has brought about an increase in large forest fires which has in turn reduced the biological balance of forests. Simultaneously, pine plantations – which represent one third of the national forests area – have been hit hard by various pests. A main aggressor is the bark beetle, an insect responsible for killing millions of trees in North America alone, and which has now become a global cause for concern.

Additionally, Ukraine’s difficult socio-economic context contributes to these natural hazards. Due to the lack of political will and funds, the authorities cannot recruit or train forest workers or fire fighters. Consequently, the task of thinning plantations and natural forests is neglected, and trees do not get enough light, water, and space to keep growing. This leads to the reduced vitality of pine forests in particular. The lack of resources also makes it challenging to fight illegal activities in Ukrainian forests – such as the theft of timber and the mining of amber. Find latest updates here…