FSC Forest Stewardship Standard for Chinese Taipei Published

FSC Forest Stewardship Standard for Chinese Taipei Published

The Standard becomes effective on 25 April 2023.

This newly approved version of the Forest Stewardship Standard (FSS) for Chinese Taipei is developed based on the FSC International Generic Indicators (IGI) (FSC-STD-60-004 V2-0) and applied to all categories of management units for all forest types within the geographical scope defined in the standard.

A chamber-balanced standard development group (SDG) was established in 2012 and has conducted appropriate adjustments to follow FSC requirements in local forests. The related adjustments include protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples, multi-stakeholders, labors, and local communities, also protecting the environmental value and impacts, high conservation values, wood tracking, etc. The FSS has passed field testing to cover natural forests, plantations, and stakeholders’ involvement to ensure its applicability.

It is the right time to approve the FSS to be published for the increase of FSC Forest Management certificate holders in Chinese Taipei, to promote local forest management operations, and to match the international tendency on the forest management policy.

For any queries on the standard, please contact Mr. Yu-Jen Lin, FSC Standard Development Group Coordinator and Executive Secretary: [email protected] (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan)

The FSS for Chinese Taipei (English version) can be viewed in the FSC Document Centre.

Source: FSC News, January 31, 2023