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FSC Transaction Verification

Transaction Verification

Transaction Verification is a method to allow the FSC certification bodies and/or Assurance Services International (ASI) to verify that the certificate holder’s recorded FSC input and output transactions match with the records of their trading partners.

Transaction verification is a process of comparing and then verifying all transactions within a specific product type, group or region over a given time period. The FSC output claims made by certificate holders are accurate and match with the FSC input claims of their trading partners. The intention of this criterion is to ensure that FSC systematically investigates high-risk product types, species and regions, and limits the number of inaccurate transactions.

The detailed procedure have been covered under – Transaction Verification Procedure FSC-PRO-10-201 V1-0 – EN.

What is Online Claims Platform (OCP)?

The OCP digitally connects certified FSC suppliers and customers so that claims for FSC-certified products volumes can be swiftly confirmed accurately by both trading parties.

How is a transaction verification carried out?

The verification can be done via the Online Claims Platform (OCP), where certificate holders will register, connect with suppliers, enter relevant data from their invoice directly to the platform (no financial information required), and the transaction is automatically verified once the suppliers validate their claim. Alternatively, certificate holders can do a desk audit by filling in a downloadable spreadsheet template and send it to their certification bodies. They can also opt for an on-site audit, where transaction information is collected manually by the auditor for ASI to verify.

Who can conduct a transaction verification?

The transaction verification conducted by its FSC certification body and/ or Assurance Services International (ASI).

What are the responsibilities of a Certificate Holder?

The organization shall support transaction verification conducted by its FSC certification body and Assurance Services International (ASI), by providing samples of FSC transaction data as requested by the certification body.

What are the responsibilities of a CB?

Requesting and verifying the FSC transaction data from certificate holder as demanded by Assurance Services International (ASI).