New agreement on sustainable forestry between Sweden and Chile

According to the Swedish government, cooperation will take place in a variety of areas, such as construction, bioenergy, gender equality, research and education in sustainable forestry and the bio-economy, certification (including ecosystem services), exchanges between forest owner associations, and small and medium-sized companies.

Creates opportunities for new and expanded partnerships

One of the priorities is to work on smallholder participation in value chains of forest products, certification processes, and improvement of forest ecosystem services. The MoU, which took effect on 10 May 2016 and covers the next five years, is in line with the FSC Global Strategy, and the Fair Wood project that FSC Sweden participates in.

Fair Wood – market access for forest smallholders in the global South

The Fair Wood concept provides forest communities and Indigenous Peoples with the ability to sell their timber on the global market, and get fairly paid for it, while FSC certification ensures that their forests are managed in a responsible manner. Read More

Tuesday, 21 June 2016