Open for a second public consultation-FSC Policy for Association Procedural Documentation

All stakeholders are invited to comment on the latest drafts of two procedures – FSC-PRO-10-004 and FSC-PRO-01-009 – that prescribe how the FSC Policy for Association is applied. Both drafts are open for a second public consultation from 18 January to 3 March 2017.

The FSC Policy for Association of Organizations (Policy for Association or PfA) is an expression of the values shared by organizations formally associated with FSC, and it defines six unacceptable activities that they commit to avoid. It is supplemented by two procedures that put the PfA into practice:

  • FSC-PRO-10-004 Due Diligence Evaluation for Association with FSC (a screening procedure to assess compliance with the PfA)
  • FSC-PRO-01-009 Procedure for Evaluating Compliance with the FSC Policy for Association (the processes and procedures for dealing with complaints against organizations associated with FSC failing regarding compliance with the PfA)

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18 January 2017