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Launch of public consultation for revision of complaints and appeals procedures

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) announces the launch of a public consultation for the ongoing revision process of FSC’s complaints (FSC-PRO-01-008) and appeals (FSC-PRO-01-005) procedures and invites interested stakeholders to provide feedback and recommendations on a specific set of topics associated with the revision process.

Details of the public consultation:

  • Opening date: 02 October 2023 (10:00:00 CEST)
  • Closing date: 30 November 2023 (23:59:59 CEST)

To participate in the consultation, click here.

The topics covered in this consultation are:

  • Clarification of what may be complained about and appealed
  • Governance of the dispute resolution system
  • Ways to ensure the rights of the parties
  • Ways to ensure systematic improvement.

FSC started the joint revision of two normative procedures – Processing Appeals (FSC-PRO-01-005 V3-0) and Processing Complaints in the FSC Certification Scheme (FSC-PRO-01-008 V2-0) – in June 2023. The revision process is currently in the conceptual phase, wherein the contours of the elements that need to be revised are being defined.

Procedure FSC-PRO-01-008 V2-0 deals with complaints about the FSC normative framework, the performance of FSC International, and the FSC Network as well as complaints regarding the performance of Assurance Services International (ASI). Procedure FSC-PRO-01-005 V3-0 deals with decisions taken on complaints and any other decision taken by FSC. Through these procedures, FSC ensures timely, independent and effective resolution of complaints and appeals submitted by stakeholders.

With the joint revision of these procedures on addressing complaints and appeals, FSC will incorporate changes that will ensure that FSC’s complaints and appeals processes:

  • Are simplified and easy to access.
  • Follow a balanced approach between lowest-level principle and independence.
  • Are aligned with FSC’s evolving normative framework and its provisions.
  • Incorporate elements of global best practices in non-state complaints mechanisms.

FSC welcomes the participation of all stakeholders interested in FSC and who want to join the conversation to shape a new procedure on complaints and appeals in this consultation. To receive regular updates about this revision process, the ongoing public consultation on this revision process and associated webinars for stakeholders, register here.

For more information about this revision process and regular updates about the process, click here.

For more information about the procedure FSC follows for the revision of normative documents, please refer to the Development and Revision of FSC Requirements (FSC-PRO-01-001), here.

FSC is organizing the following informational webinars to help stakeholders better understand the objectives of the consultation and answer questions on the topics covered in the consultation.

Wednesday 8 November 2023 at 9 am (CET): Click here to register.

Thursday 9 November 2023 at 4 pm (CET): Click here to register.

Source: FSC News October 2, 2023